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Our first Arts & Crafts session.

13 children produced stunning stained glass windows to take home as well as other creations. We had food and drink as well and finished with a story. Thanks to all concerned. A real success. More to come in the New Year.

Sunday 8th January: 2nd Group session. We made crowns, stars, and kings. These things are all about the Christmas story with the kings taking a journey, following a bright star and arriving to see the baby Jesus. We glued, cut, stuck, stapled, shaped and folded our way to success and had a laugh along the way. The grown ups seemed to really get into the action as well, and a star is born, posing for the camera.

Squash, coffee, tea, biscuits, buns and fruit cake kept us going before we all joined in Paul's card game This was fun and we learned a little about each other and ourselves as well. The afternoon finished with Trish reading the story of Babushka. We were also given a hardback notebook so that we can write about what we do, make up stories, poems and other stuff. The idea is that we build up our notebooks so that we can produce a real book of our own and it will be published and sold on the internet, Amazon and everywhere books are sold. We'll design the cover as well as deciding which charity to support with money that we raise. We are also excited that we'll launch our book on Radio Cornwall and read bits live on air. We'll be stars!! You too can join in if you come along. 

Sunday 12th February, saw us making collage, various images and creations. We had a great time in the church with a quiz. This included using the PA system, counting pipes on the organ, finding out how many stained glass  windows we have, spending time in the bell tower and much more. We created painted stones to take home, looked at our black books for our great publishing venture later on, and then learned about St. Piran. Drinks and biscuits of course and it was all free! Can't be bad. Can't wait for next time on 12th March. Rumour has it that we'll be making aeroplanes!! Don't forget to book.

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