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The Ministry Team met for the first time on 28th July and will meet quarterly. The ministry team membership covers all three churches. Our team consists of our PTO (Permission to Officiate), The Revd. Canon Martin Boxall. Our LLM’s; Jane Darlington and David Watson, our Lay Worship Leaders Anne Ramsden, Jenny Kemp, Nina Davey and a Local Worship Leader, Janet Thomas. We are also joined by Revd. Jeff James, who supports us and leads some of our Holy Communion Services. My husband Chris has recently started to lead services of worship, as he has done in the past and joins us on the team.

We pray for the ministry and mission of The Waterside Churches and asked for God's guidance as we move forward together as a team. The team has many God given skills and gifts to offer the churches and will be encouraged, released and supported to fulfil their calling by me as the new Priest in Charge. 

The Ministry Team met for the first time on 28th July and will meet quarterly. The ministry team membership covers all three churches. Our team consists of our PTO (Permission to Officiate), The Revd. Canon Martin Boxall. Our LLM’s; Jane Darlington and David Watson, our Lay Worship Leaders Anne Ramsden, Jenny Kemp, Nina Davey and a Local Worship Leader, Janet Thomas. We are also joined by Revd. Jeff James, who supports us and leads some of our Holy Communion Services. My husband Chris has recently started to lead services of worship, as he has done in the past and joins us on the team.

We pray for the ministry and mission of The Waterside Churches and asked for God's guidance as we move forward together as a team. The team has many God given skills and gifts to offer the churches and will be encouraged, released and supported to fulfil their calling by me as the new Priest in Charge. 


Ministry Team Meeting

Thursday 25th January, 2023

St. Piran's Church

Welcome and opening prayer.

PRESENT: Revd. Karen Wilson (KW); Paul Stuart (PS); Janet Thomas (JT); Chris Wilson (CW); Jane Darlington (JD); Revd. Martin Boxall (MB); Janet Boxall (JB); Anne Ramsden (AR); Nina Davey (ND); Ele Buckley (EB).​


MINUTES: Agreed and signed



Sharing of good news from Christmas services. JB and JT reported successful Carol and Christingle services at Devoran and St. Piran's. JT also highlighted the hand bells. ND reported that 110 people attended the Carol service at St. Feock, with £750 raised, and 138 were present at the Christingle, raising £450 for the Children's Society. There was good news about services and activities with children at Devoran and St. Piran's, especially . AR reported successful services over Christmas at Devoran. KW felt our churches had provided excellent services, and mentioned the baptism/live nativity in particular. 

Sadly, the Deanery Chapter reported disappointing numbers over the period at Kea and Highertown.

It is hoped that there will be "bounce back" from Covid as time goes by. 

There was discussion about the place of traditional services over Christmas, and it was noted that they are popular.

MOTHERING SUNDAY: Discussion about arrangements in our churches.

WORSHIP LEADERS GATHERING: This will be held on 19th March after the service at Devoran.

LENT COURSE AND TALKS: Arrangements in hand. Lent page on website, reflections on the Beatitudes through 4 talks at Devoran at 2.00 pm. Each talk will be 45 minutes, with 15 minute discussion time to follow. Lent Course will be 2 sessions at St. Piran's at 2.00 pm, concentrating on Life Attitudes. JD asked about arrangements for those who could only attend in the evenings. Online and website to be used.

EASTER SERVICES AND MARCH, APRIL AND MAY ROTAS: Detailed arrangements were discussed and agreed. Please see the Service and Events page on the website for details.

PROVISION FOR CHILDREN: Messy Church, Worship for All and Tots and Toys at Devoran. Monthly Craft and Activity Group and Easter hunt with Fire Service at St. Piran's. Treasure Hunt at St. Feock.

CONFIRMATION: Classes arranged for 5 people. 7th February is an introduction evening and confirmation is planned for 20th May in the Cathedral.

THY KINGDOM COME: Scheduled for May. Prayers to appear on the website.

AOB: Discussion about the roles of each meeting group and the centrality of Eucharist. Both issues to be discussed fully at future meetings.

Next meeting set for 26th April at 7.00 pm at Devoran

Closing prayer.

Ministry Team Meeting

Thursday 7th December 2022

The Devoran Parish Centre

Welcome and Opening Prayer


Revd. Karen Wilson (KW); Chris Wilson; Janet Thomas; Jane Darlington; Janet Boxall; Anne Ramsden; Ele Buckley (EB); Paul Stuart (PS)

KW welcomed Elle to the meeting as she sets out on her discernment journey. All wished her well and offered support.

2. Apologies:

Nina Davey (ND); Jenny Kemp (JK); Revd. Martin Boxall (MB).

3. Minutes from previous Meeting:

Agreed and signed.

4. Matters arising:


5. Christmas Services 2022:

Agreed as follows:

December 11th: 

8.30 am. BCP at St. Piran's. 10.00 am. KW; 10.00 am. Christingle at St. Piran's CW; 10.00 am. Service of the Word at Devoran. JD; 

10.0 am. Holy Communion at St. Feock. KW

December 18th:

10.00 am. Carol Service at St. Piran's. CW & JT; Service of the Word at St. Feock. ND; 

6.30 pm Carol Service at Devoran. KW & MB.

December 21st:

7.00 pm. Blue Christmas Service at St. Piran's. KW

December 24th:

3.00 pm. Live Nativity at Devoran. KW & AR

4.00 pm. Christingle at St. Feock. ND

5.00 pm Crib Service at St. Piran's. KW

9.30 pm. Holy Communion at Devoran. KW

December 25th:

10.00 am. Holy Communion at Devoran. AD Paul Bryer

10.00 am. Holy Communion at St. Piran's. KW

10.00 am. Service of the Word at St. Feock. JK

5. January/February Rota:

These rotas were discussed and agreed. Please see Service & Events page on the website.

6. New Year’s day services & Epiphany Services:

Discussed and agreed. Please see Service & Events page on the website.

7.  1st Sunday in Lent Services:

Carried to next meeting

8. Sharing of good news:

KW will be the Twitter guest from 19th to 25th December. Please let her have as much good news as possible.  A wonderful opportunity to raise the profile of The Waterside Churches.

10. Team Prayers:

11. AOB:


NEXT MEETING: 7.00pm. Wednesday 25th January at Devoran. 

Closing Prayer 

Ministry Team Meeting September 7th at 7pm

Devoran Parish Centre

Summative Notes

Welcome and Opening Prayer: Revd. Karen Wilson


Revd. Karen Wilson, Chris Wilson, Jane Darlington, Janet Thomas, Paul Stuart, Martin Boxall, Janet Boxall, Anne Ramsden.


Chris Ryall, Nina Davey, Jenny Kemp.


Minutes from last meeting agreed and signed, with an amendment concerning the Tots and Toys event from Jane Darlington.




Availability sheet circulated.


Details for the following were discussed and agreed. Rota to be produced a s a p.

1. All Souls Service. (Feock Church Hall after this Joint Benefice Communion).

2. Remembrance Day.

3. PAW Toy Services

4. Carol Services - 18th December is World Cup Final 3pm, note.

5. Christingle services

6. Nativity Services

7. Christmas Day services

8. St Stephen’s Day Services - 26th (Monday) is a day of obligation. Meeting decided not to hold services on this day.

9. New Year’s Eve

10. New Year’s Day


Karen Wilson led.


 Anne and Paul to discuss next step.


Date of next meeting: ??

Closing Prayer 

Ministry Team Meeting – Wednesday 8th June, 2022

Welcome and opening prayer.


Revd. Karen Wilson (KW), Chris Ryall (CR), Janet Thomas (JT), Chris Wilson (CW), Jenny Kemp (JK), Nina Davey (ND), Anne Ramsden (AR).




JK to be added as absent with apologies from last meeting, then signed as accurate.


KW informed the meeting that she has applied for a Curate, but there will only be 4 stipendiary Curates available, with a small number of non-stipendiary Curates.


KW stressed the importance of Holy Week services providing a meaningful passage through a most important week in the calendar. There should not be a gap between Palm Sunday and Easter Day and this needs looking at for next year so that Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services/events are held in each church. Feedback from parishioners was positive from each church. CR gave details of the Easter Trail in Perranwell, with the garden exercise, bonfire and service. 18 children took part and we have gained a family into the church as a result. CR suggested it might be a good thing to do in each church next year. 27 people attended the Dawn Service, so it will be repeated. Maundy Thursday at St. Piran’s was described and was well supported. The Walk of Witness had 70 participants. JCC to plan next year’s Holy Week.


Itinerary for Archbishop Justin (JW): Friday 17th – Clergy Dinner; 7.30 am Saturday 18th – Service for all on Zoom; 9.00 am – Eucharist in the Cathedral; Evening JW attending Shanty week in Falmouth; Sunday 19th – morning – JW probably in Liskeard.

Sunday 19th June, 10.00am: St. Feock – Outside service near the church. Archdeacon Paul to preach. Devoran – Outside Service on Devoran Village Field; Revd. Karen to lead. St. Piran’s – Service outside Perranwell Centre, including bacon baps and refreshments; Jane Darlington to lead.


Lists for availability/unavailability for August, September, November circulated for completion.


Harvest festivals. Liturgically the dates are 11 and 18th September. However, our churches celebrate on the 4th Sunday; St. Feock at 10.00am; St. Piran’s at 11.00 am followed by Harvest Lunch; Devoran on 2nd October. KW asked whether there would be support for St. Michael and All Angels service. None forthcoming. NB: 30th October is a joint service for Bible Sunday. Discussion about Just As I Am service. Agreement to try again, perhaps by taking it to the Memory Cafes in Perranwell and Carnon Downs.


KW asked about support for Discipleship and other courses. JT said she would like to restart Fellowship at St. Piran’s. AR suggested joint fellowship. CR wanted to see more courses. CW said people were already busy enough. ND and JK were not in favour.


Has been re-written by KW and Jane Darlington, so that it’s the same in each church. Draft copies were passed around for comment. Feelings included “the shorter the better”, “we need to add instruction rubrics”, “reading responses are needed”, “why does it have to be the same in each church”? There was also the point that Collect of the Day should be up to the leader on the day. KW looking to get the new sheets printed and used a s a p.


AR said Messy Church will be restarting and Tops and Tots will be tried again. CR and AR are planning Youth Church. CR gave details of the annual Holiday Club at the Perranwell Centre, from August 4th for 3 days. Number is limited to 40. Paul has already put a registration form on the website, a poster is ready for display and details will appear in Perran News next edition. KW and Liz Harris to meet and plan a detailed programme. KW has contacted the schools at Devoran and Perranwell regarding Harvest Festival involvement. Arrangements being set up for both. All at the meeting were asked if they could or would like to offer help in this area of outreach.

10/. AOB

KW told the meeting that Revd. Jeff James will no longer be able to included on our rota. He has retired, but will be taking a part time post at the Cathedral. There will obviously be less opportunity for Eucharists in our rotas.


7th September, 2022. 7 pm at Devoran

Meting closed with the Grace.



Revd. Karen Wilson (KW), Nina Davey from St. Feock (ND), Janet Thomas from St. Piran's (JT), Anne Ramsden from Devoran (AR), Chris Wilson NEW Lay Worship Leader (CW).


Revd. Jeff James (JJ), Jane Darlington,

Opening Prayer and Welcome:

KW introduces CW, who is waiting for his papers to come in order to be licensed here.


World Day of Prayer went very well.

Each church reported that services were going well.

Lent activities in place.

Revd. Dr. Jonathan Rowe's last service with us will be on 27th March at St. Piran's, with a farewell party afterwards.

Ash Wednesday service was well attended (27 people).

Youth work was discussed and how to expand it was looked at. Hugh Barne, youth worker at Kea Church, has offered help nd the sharing of resources. He confirmed that only 2 young people from addresses in our Benefice go to the sessions at Kea, Therefore, there are undoubtedly young people from all communities in our benefice who are yet to become involved. Even though Feock has no school, the last census showed that the parish has similar numbers to Devoran and Perranarworthal. KW said that she has had no response from the 2 schools, but will try again.


Christmas: there were lost services due to the pandemic.

The outdoor Crib Service at Devoran was very good and enjoyed by all 60 people attending. KW will talk to Revd. Jeff James about Christmas 2022 coverage.

Curate: KW to talk to Jane Vaughan-Wilson about a Curate for 2023. NB. There will only be 3 available. We need to lay out what The Waterside Benefice can offer a prospective Curate in order to "make the case."


The need to stagger the times of Easter Day services was discussed. We cannot offer Eucharist by extension. St. Piran's will be at 9.30 with KW, Devoran at 10.00 with JJ, and St. Feock at 11.00am with KW. This is a "one-off" solution and must be advertised as much as possible via the website, magazines, posters and social media. KW agreed to try over the next 2 days to find a vicar to solve the problem.

Other services for April were discussed.


Details to be put on the website and advertised throughout the Benefice.


The Study programme, lunches, talks and Up the Creek liaison were set out. JT asked whether afternoon sessions could also be considered for next year.


11 churches have now had their first consultations about fruitfulness. Feedback has been given to KW and analysis has been done. Meeting on 6th March to collate and draft a report. There will then be a round of consultations about sustainability. Nothing is off the table. The Deanery is £100,00 down and the Diocese is £284,00 short. The Deanery Plan will then be drawn up and presented to the Diocesan Synod. Budget to be drawn up on 22nd June, 2022. KW explained that her aim and motivation is to ensure the 3 churches are in the best possible position. Main emphasis is on building congregations, children, youth work, young families and the use of church buildings. It's all about, mission and outreach.


AR and Chris Ryall to co-ordinate youth work. Diary and plan to be produced, put on website and advertised in the communities as widely as possible. It was agreed that a Benefice approach was appropriate, but good practice by each church should also continue.

KW asked to be told about things that involve the Benefice, rather than hearing things form elsewhere. She has had examples.

ND gave details of how St. Feock would like to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, which would include a Jubilee lunch. KW said the church of England is expected to issue a set liturgy for the occasion, so we need to wait.


8TH June 2022 at St. Piran's at 7.00pm.


Closing Grace.


Minutes of Ministry Team Meeting

27th October at 7pm, St Piran’s Church Hall

Welcome and Opening Prayer

PRESENT: Rev’d. Karen Wilson (KW), Anne Ramsden (AR) Nina Davey (ND), Janet Thomas (JT), Rev’d. Dr. Jonathan Rowe (JR) Jenny Kemp (JK)

APOLOGIES: Jane Darlington, Martin Boxall, David Watson.

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Changes needed to add Nina Davey and Janet Thomas to those present and remove Janet Boxall who was not! Otherwise agreed as accurate.



· Martin Smith has resigned and withdrawn from leading services. KW has thanked him for his work.

· ND apologised for any upset she may have caused. This particularly concerned the circumstances surrounding the All Souls service at St. Feock, and other matters on the service rota. All present confirmed that she has no need to feel she is to blame. It’s a matter of appropriate communication, correct feedback from other meetings and understanding of roles and boundaries. Part of KW’s role is to produce the rota, with input from the Ministry Team. KW has spoken to ND already to allay her fears, and prays that time will heal any rift that may have been present. The meeting felt it was still early days and we are all on a learning curve.

· ND mentioned the difficulty surrounding the use of BCC in e-mails. AR confirmed that the JCC has resolved the issue at its last meeting.

· KW asked for feedback from the Harvest Services. ND said that St. Feock supported the “Chicken for Africa” charity and the village community had given great support. AR reported that Devoran supported the Foodbank. JT said that St. Piran’s had a successful service and had sent items to St. Petrocs, as usual each year. KW thanked all who worked hard for these services.

· BCP Services: St. Piran’s hold 8.30am BCP services on the 2nd and 4th Sunday each month and it is well supported. Devoran is experiencing low numbers on a Tuesday morning, with only 2 present at the last one. KW and AR agreed that this is not viable and it will stop after this week. AR said that the PCC at Devoran will seek to develop an alternative. Evensong at Devoran has a steady number attending and it will move to 3.00 pm for the winter.

SPECIAL SERVICES. – Christmas and January to March 2022.

· KW is happy to discuss proposals for special services, but it is important that nothing is arranged without such consultation.

· The current programme includes a proposed Covenant service at St. Feock on 9th January, 2022 and a covenant service at St. Piran’s on 6th February.

· KW asked that each church let her have requests to be included in the forthcoming rota for January, February and March 2022. Important dates to remember are Epiphany on 6th January, Candlemas on 2nd February.

· KW asked about Christmas decorations and each church gave details of arrangements. No problems emerged.

· Crib and Christingle services were discussed, with each church outlining what it is proposing to do.


· KW circulated a paper asking for people to note when they are not available for the next rota.


· KW gave feedback from the Bishop’s Mission Order and On the Way meetings she recently attended. The Waterside Benefice is in Team 1and work starts on 17th January, 2022. The emphasis is firmly on children and the sharing of resources in outreach and ministry.

· St. Feock outlined their craft afternoon and Christingle walk to church. Devoran are holding a craft morning for adults and a Christingle for children. Devoran school has agreed to be part of a lantern parade and service. JT said she is due to talk to JR after the meeting about the crib and Christingle services at St. Piran’s. KW said she has had contact with Perranwell School about Christmas and she is waiting for the Headteacher to get back to her. JT talked about the difficulties at St. Piran’s of getting commitment to work with the young. She suggested issuing invitations to a special service, for example the Crib service, as inserts in Perran News. This would guarantee good coverage of the community.

· Chris Ryall has volunteered to be St. Piran’s lead, Jane Darlington will do the same for Devoran. St. Feock will let KW have the name of its rep.

· KW reiterated that there is the possibility to share resources in Team 1, and Rev’d. Hugh Barne is the contact for that.


· KW said that training for lay worship leading is available and would welcome anybody who would like to take it up.


· Advent was discussed and various options looked at. It was decided to use the Church of England’s Reflections course. This will be on 24th November, 1st December and 8th December via Zoom. Then a session on 15th December will take place, with mince pies etc., at St. Feock Hall. Meetings will be 7.00pm to 8.15 pm. KW, JR, AR, JT volunteered to take sessions. Jane Darlington was also put forward in her absence! Paul Stuart was asked to arrange the Zoom meetings.

· Martin Boxall’s PTO has been renewed and he will gradually be included in the rota.

· Churches Together and Up the Creek have events planned. KW is their coordinator.


· February 23rd 2022 at Feock hall.

The meeting closed with prayer.


Ministry Team Meeting Minutes - Wednesday 28th August 2021, 7pm Devoran Parish Centre

Present: Revd Karen Wilson (KW), Anne Ramsden (AR), Jane Darlington (JD), Martin Smith (MS), Jenny Kemp (JK),

Revd Jeff James (JJ), Janet Boxall (JB).

Welcome and Opening Prayers

1. Apologies - Revd Jonathan Rowe, David Watson

2. Introductions - Each member introduced themselves and explained the role that they play in the ministry of their parish churches and how this has worked during the Vacancy. KW told the meeting that the team would be responsible for leading the worship in each of the churches and that by working together as a team we can support and uphold each other in our ministries. The team would be led and supported by KW, who would appreciate open and transparent discussions about ministry. She is very happy to discuss ideas for worship offerings.

3. Services of worship for the next rota - we discussed the wish for St Piran’s and Devoran to return to their pattern of BCP worship. 1st and 3rd Sundays in ninth - Devoran BCP Evensong to be led by JD and DW. 2nd and 4th Sunday 8.30am BCP HC at St Piran’s and Tuesday 10am BCP HC at Devoran to be led by KW. The feasibility of these services to be reviewed at next Ministry Team Meeting.

Special services and Christmas services discussed and KW noted which of these services each church would like to be added to the next rota.

4. Availability - availability for the next rota with regards to leading services was discussed and noted by KW. 

5. AOB - KW Karen will put together the new rota for Sept/Oct/November and send to team members. If there are any adjustments that need to be made to the proposed rota please let her know. Due to Revd Jonathan being on placement/study leave the rota will involve more lay led services this time around. There will be further HC services once that Revd Jonathan returns.

Date of next meeting - Wednesday 27th October at 7pm, Perranarworthal church hall.

Closing Prayer

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