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Dydh da,

Being appointed as the first Priest of the Waterside Churches is a huge privilege. Since accepting the offer of this new post my prayer has been that I will be a blessing to you all as we move forward together at such a key time in the life of both the churches and


I am excited about working together as we strive to enable discipleship, mission and ministry of the whole people of God to flourish and as we support the churches, schools and local communities across the parishes in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I have a strong sense of calling to this role and look forward to getting to know my new colleagues and communities. I am eager to begin getting to know people across the parishes and learning about the communities in which I will be serving.

I have been serving in the Iwerne Valley Benefice in rural North Dorset, along with looking after Blandford Forum and Langton Long whilst they have been in Vacancy and undergoing the changes that the new deanery plan has brought to them.

Prior to Ordination I worked in education for 28 years, the last eleven years working as a Pastoral Support Manager in a large secondary academy. I led a year group of 230 students and had a team of nine tutors, building relationships with students, their families and staff. I was also a Safeguarding Officer for both my year group and for staff. Pastoral care plays is an integral part of my ministry.

I am married to Chris, whom I have known since I was eleven years old. Chris is hugely supportive of my ministry and has recently completed his LWL training in the Salisbury Diocese.

We are both very keen ‘outdoors’ people and enjoy walking together. Chris and I have been regular visitors to Cornwall since we were children and we are very much looking forward to living in the county. My surname at birth means ‘of Cornwall’ and so it seems

very fitting to be ministering and living in the county.

I love being close to and in water and enjoy sea swimming. I have recently bought a new wet suit so that I am ready to get into the water in Cornwall! I have also made a promise to myself that I will learn to sail. Both Chris and I enjoy cooking and baking and hospitality has always played a part in our life in the church. It doesn’t take much for Chris to get the BBQ out and he has become quite the chef in the past few years.

I am also a keen gardener, crafter and (very) amateur collector of items from the early 20th century. Chris would say that I am also a very enthusiastic ‘list keeper’!

I am so looking forward to moving and to beginning my ministry in the Waterside Churches. I am always very keen to get out on foot and to being a visible presence in both the churches and the local communities. I am planning to don my trainers and to getting out and about once we make the move. If you see a Vicar with a map in her hand do stop and say hello, it would be good to meet you.

In the meantime, I would appreciate your prayers as Chris and I prepare to move and to beginning my new ministry with you. Please be assured of my own prayers for you all. I thank God for all who were involved in this discernment process and for God calling me

to this role. I am very excited to see all that God has in store for us as we seek God’s will.

in our everyday lives.

Every Blessing


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