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The Waterside Churches

St. Piran's PCC - Minutes 

Minutes PCC held in Church Hall 17 January 2023

Meeting opened with a prayer at 2pm.

Present: Paul Stuart (PS), David SImmons (DS), Rosemary Aitken (RA) Kay Lobb (KL), Janet Thomas (JT), Jacqui Hopwood (JH),

Apologies: Revd. Karen Wilson, Tim and Lorraine Rogers, Veronica Eccleston, Tony Woodbridge, Chris Ryall, Juliet Dundon, Trish Wilcocks.

Minutes of PCC held 6 September 2022 were accepted and signed as accurate.

Matters arising: None.

Safeguarding: ongoing.

Finance: Trish supplied a printout covering all financial details. Generally, our finances are in a healthy position. It was agreed to transfer £300 from the general fund to the Sunday School fund to cover the expenses for the Craft & Activity Group. The money in the Holiday Club fund would remain in that fund. All agreed.

There has been a suggestion that a group called Friends of St. Piran be set up. This would invite any parishioner or well-wisher to make an annual donation. The money raised would be spent solely on repairs and its churchyard. This includes the bells, organ, electrical system, equipment for the churchyard and insurance. It may not be used towards Clergy stipends or pensions, nor towards the cost of services and the day to day running of the church. Any money raised would be in a restricted fund for this purpose. All agreed. The proposal called for a separate committee to oversee this scheme, but the meeting preferred to set up a named item in the restricted fund list and the present financial arrangements would be sufficient to provide appropriate oversight. The meeting also proposed that an annual meeting of the members of the Friends of St.Piran’s Church be held. The first being 12 months from its inception. Annually the PCC would make a report to donors re the fund and how any monies had been used. PS to draft an article for the Perran News inviting people to become ‘a friend’. Facebook and our website to be used as well. All present agreed that this was a good idea.

The money collected at coffee after church has been donated to Pearl of Africa. It was proposed by RA and seconded by DS that any money collected in the future should be donated to a charity that would benefit persons in the Ukraine. All agreed. (AFTERNOTE: Save the Children to be the charity as they are already involved with donations towards helping Ukraine. Also, if we needed to put it towards another overseas crisis, then this will give us the flexibility to do so).

Maintenance: The bell tower is very damp, much more than usual. PS arranged for GutterVac. to come and investigate the cause, or causes. They have identified a problem with the old piping on the roof. PS is waiting for a quote re repairs. The fan heater in the bell tower is now working and will run for 2 hours each night between 2.00am and 4…am. People are reminded that the door to the bell tower must be open when the church is not in use to aid ventilation.

Health and Safety: The stands holding the books in the hall provide a hazard to the children coming to the hall for activities. It is proposed that a bookcase is purchased to hold the books. Proposed by JH seconded by RA.

Lent: The lent lunches will be held on. Feb.28 March 7,14,21 and 28. The Perranwell Centre has been booked. JT has arranged the various teams to man each day. The charity we will support this year is Cornwall Hospice Care. Karen will be running Confirmation classes. There are 3 candidates. Lent talks and the Lent Course were raised. The meeting agreed to wait for the Ministry Meeting, due on 25th January as this will set out the details of the various Lent activities. PS will then arrange for a Pew Sheet.

Children’s Craft and Activity Group: The children’s activity held on Jan. 15 went well and everyone enjoyed the afternoon. It is planned that it will take place on the second Sunday each month. Volunteers for February please. All agreed that we should ask Chris Ryall to run the Easter session as last year because it was excellent. PS to contact Chris.

JCC: The Archdeacon has suspended JCC and churchwardens’ meetings. There have been mediation meetings. PS and DS feel the next will be pivotal, in the resolution of the current situation. JCC and wardens’ meetings should restart in February. The Archdeacon has proposed that one person should take over safeguarding for three parishes.

APCM: Possible date for the APCM set as 23rd April. To be discussed with Karen.

AOB: There will be a meeting for volunteers for the children’s activities, and also for fundraising.

PS gave details of a production being held in only 6 Cornish churches called Stations of the Cross. St. Piran’s is being offered the chance to be included. It is organised by Will Keating. PS proposed we take the opportunity, Date to be 5th April.

The next PCC will be on 11 April.

The meeting closed at 3.30am with the Grace 


Vestry Meeting 27th November, 2022

PRESENT: Revd. Karen Wilson, Trish Wilcocks, David Simmons, Dr. Tim Rogers, Juliet Dundon, Tony Woodbridge, Janet Thomas, Veronica Eccleston, Paul Stuart

APOLOGIES: Jacqui Hopwood, Rosemary Aitken, Lorraine Rogers, Chris Ryall, Kay Lobb

TABLES: Paul introduced the situation concerning tables in the Church Hall. The 3 “better” tables are too heavy for us to handle with ease and they are each irreparably broken in one way or another. One of the wooden tables is broken as well. Also, the wooden tables are very old and of differing heights. Trish said she has done some research and lighter, more easily handled, tables are available. The ones she discussed are slightly narrower. She said that if we purchase 5, we get a discount. After discussion, the meeting agreed that we should buy 5.

There was discussion about the need for a bookcase to replace the metal circular items in the hall. Veronica offered a bookcase for immediate use. This was gratefully accepted. Tim said that he could also source a bookcase if needed.



PRESENT: Revd. Karen Wilson, Paul Stuart, David Simmons, Jacqui Hopwood, Trish Wilcocks, Rosemary Aitken, Juliet Dundon, Veronica Eccleston, Chris Ryall, Kay Lobb.​

APOLOGIES: Dr. Tim Rogers, Lorraine Rogers, Tony Woodbridge.

The meeting began with an opening prayer.


>The subject of the meeting was to update the members of the PCC about the pastoral care situation within the Waterside Benefice.

>Karen gave details, including setting the current position in the context of the development of the three-year programme.

>There have been some difficulties since we set out on the 3-year journey. Some were anticipated and some weren't.

>The rota for services was impacted by the departure of our Curate and the subsequent lack of this provision.

>This has meant fewer Holy Communion services in each church than was perhaps expected.

>The addition of Chris Wilson as a Local Worship Leader has helped.

>A few people within one of the churches (Feock) have felt unfairly treated by this and by changes made by Karen to the style, content and type of services. This has led to particular difficulties there. 

>Karen gave details of the nature and content of these issues and how this has affected her and her mission in the Waterside Churches.

>Any complaints that were forwarded from Feock to AD Paul and Bishop Philip have been dismissed as having no substance.

>Unfortunately, it will take some time for that message to reach the communities involved, so we must help in that regard and be firm in helping to continue with our "project".

>Various meetings are being arranged to identify ways to make progress with our mission.

>There will be an official statement from AD Paul as soon as possible and in conjunction with the JCC.

All present stressed support for Karen and thanked her for her work. 

The meeting closed with The Grace.


Present: Paul Stuart (Lay Chair), David Simmons, Trish Wilcocks, Jacqui Hopwood, Rosemary Aitken, Juliet Dundon, Veronica Eccleston, Chris Ryall, Tony Woodbridge, Lorraine Rogers, Tim Rogers. 

Apologies: Kay Lobb

Re-Licencing: The meeting was held to discuss the re-licencing of Janet Thomas as Local Worship Leader. She had indicated her willingness to continue by signing the necessary form, which was signed by Rev.d Karen Wilson. Paul Stuart proposed and Rosemary Aitken seconded the motion to support her re-licencing. Passed unanimously. Trish Wilcocks pointed out that Janet Thomas has indicated her willingness to continue, with the proviso that she cannot commit to further training. Pau Stuart will sign the form showing the PCC agreement to the re-licensing and write an accompanying letter stating how much we value Janet's tireless work for our congregation over many years, especially during and after lockdown and how we look forward to her continued ministry. 

The meeting closed at 11.20am.



Opening Prayer: Janet Thomas

Apologies: Revd. Karen Wilson (KW)

Present: Paul Stuart (PS), Trish Wilcocks (PW), David Simons (DS), Jacqui Hopwood (JH), Veronica Eccleston (VE), Kay Lobb (\KW), Tony Woodbridge (TW), Juliet Dundon (JD), Lorraine Rogers (LR). Tim Rogers (TR), Chris Ryall (CR)

PS read a message from KW who was unable to attend. 

​Minutes from the PCC held on June 7 and vestry meeting held Sept. 5:

Accepted and signed.

Matters arising: 

The tower has been cleaned, the gutters cleared, and a new dehumidifier purchased for the vestry. The new noticeboard is now in the hands of the installer and will hopefully soon be in situ. 


The Wardens, Treasurer and the Tower Captain are required to complete Safeguarding Training at Leadership Level, and all bellringers to complete training at basic level.

Storage of sensitive material pertaining to safeguarding must be kept in a safe place. Should any such material need to be stored, it will be kept in a locked box, the only keyholders being the vicar and the safeguarding officer. The box will be kept in the church safe.

Lorraine has registered with ‘Alert’ and will get updates from the police, that are applicable to safeguarding matters.

The PCC are very grateful and thank Lorraine for all the work done on our behalf regarding safeguarding.

Finance/Fuel Bills/Fundraising:

Finance: Total Assets as of August 31 £64,735.00

MMF payments thus far £10,500, plus £1,500 this week.

We aim to pay £18,000this year (call £22,829). We will review this figure later this year, possibly to give more.

There is concern regarding the cost of electricity/heating this winter.

The under-pew heating is reasonably economic, and flexible as not all has to be switched on at any one time. The wardens may consider heating various zones of the pews, rather than all the pews at one time. The large radiators will be used with extreme caution as they are the largest consumers of power. Care will be taken to ensure the organ is kept at a safe temperature.

Trish has received the debit card. As decided at the vestry meeting, this will be used for drawing petty cash from the Post Office. Any withdrawals will be made with a warden's written consent.

The Waterside Church Account is still not in place. We hold £447 (from Mens Breakfasts) for this a/c.

Maintenance/repair costs £390, Dehumidifier £69, Annual payment to Cornwall Historic Churches £50, Annual rent for Hall and carpark £10, The little oak table donated to the church suffered damage due to alcohol /gel and has been refurbished. This cost £80 and was paid for by a donation.’ Please look after it in future’.

The Holiday Club expenses £278.80. Most of the materials bought can be used for children's activities in the future. Chris has the childrens' books purchased for the holiday club.

Fundraising: Jubilee Cream Teas with Andy Llewellyn was lovely afternoon and raised £222.50.

The Very Easy Quiz was a great success and raised £310.

Clive and Jan Buckingham raised £300 at their cream tea for the Falmouth and Gwennap Circuit. The treasurer will write and thank them for their support particularly during the pandemic.

We have received several small donations for the sale of items. All gratefully received.

The Table-Top Sale is October 15. Church tables will donate takings to the church. Tables are available for £10.

Kay will run the cake stall, and volunteers are needed to help Heather do refreshments on the day.



Children's Activities:

There was a general feeling of sadness that the Holiday Club, for various reasons, had not taken place this year. A lot of preparatory work had been done, and it was felt that this could be used for other activities for children.There were various suggestions, a one-day club on Noah, an Arts and Crafts group once a month held in the church hall, one day making Christmas decorations?? It will be good to use what has already been prepared. It was generally felt that the children would engage with and enjoy crafts. Chris feels she needs to do some research as to when would be a suitable time to start. It was proposed to be a free activity and would be reviewed in 6 months. We need to set a date and advertise the activity. All in favour. (AFTERNOTE: FREE CRAFT AFTERNOON SET FOR NOVEMBER 20TH FOR CHILDREN AGED 5-11. POSTERS CREATED AND NOW OUT IN THE COMMUNITY).


There was much discussion regarding communion. There was a feeling that we as a church do not get as many communion services as we would like. Paul pointed out that as the benefice has all the services starting at the same time, 10am.the vicar is unable to rush from one service to another at one of the other churches as they did in the past. He reminded us that we, as a benefice, had particularly wanted all the services to start at the same time. The fact that we no longer have a curate also contributes to fewer communion services. We are fortunate at St. PIran's that twice a month there is a communion service at 8.30am. There is a feeling that we should return to taking communion at the altar. There is no wish to take wine from the common cup at this time, and everyone agreed that intinction should continue. The altar servers would have to be reinstated.

Rosemary said how much she enjoys the Service of the Word and offered special thanks to Janet who has conducted so many of these services.

The New Service Book: Paul, with Karen's backing, has put together a service book that contains all the services we use in our church presented in a clear, orderly and logical fashion. It is beautifully presented with a large clear print, and will replace the small red books, the order in which is hard to follow, especially for someone who is not familiar with the format. Everyone was delighted with the books and agreed we should order 50 of the hardback type £5/book, and 10 of the spiral back books £3.50/book. There is still some more work to be done before the book is finally completed. Many thanks to Paul for all the work that has gone into this project.

Cemetery space request: ​

There have been enquiries regarding burial space in the churchyard. Our churchyard is full, and so no new graves can be accommodated. The parish graveyard has spaces and persons wanting to reserve burial plots in this churchyard should apply to the Parish Council.

Memorial Slate:

There has been a request for a headstone to be put beside an earlier one. Enquiries have confirmed this will involve interment of ashes and we are happy for it to happen.

Succession Planning:

We need to think ahead for a person to fill various offices on the PCC. It was felt it would be useful to have a list of various tasks that are routinely undertaken to ensure the smooth running of the church. PS will produce for the next meeting. (AFTERNOTE: LAY LOBB KINDLY VOLUNTEERED TO BECOME PCC SECRETARY WHEN JACQUI STEPS ASIDE IN THE NEW YEAR. WE ARE GRATEFUL TO KAY).

Tower bell fees:

When the fees for bells at weddings was raised at the PCC a raise to £120 was agreed. David told the meeting that the figure should have been £130. He asked £130 to be amount now allocated. Proposed by David, seconded by Tim. Unanimously agreed.

Harvest Festival:

This will be on Sept. 25 at a 11 am service followed by a Harvest lunch in the hall. Janet will bring a list for the back of the church for people to sign up to come, and what they will contribute.

AOB: None

Date of next meeting:

17th January, 2023

Meeting closed with a prayer and The Grace.

Minutes PCC held June 7th 2022 in the Church Hall

The meeting opened at 2pm. with a prayer.

Apologies: Rev. Karen Wilson. Lorraine Rogers, Tim Rogers, Juliet Dundon.

Present: Paul Stuart, David Simmons, Janet Thomas, Veronica Eccleston, Chris Ryall, Tony Woodbridge, Trish Wilcocks, Rosemary Aitken, Kay Lobb, Jacqui Hopwood.

Minutes of the last meeting: Agreed and signed as accurate.

Finance: Total assets as of 31.5.22 £64,875.

Call for MMF this year is £22,829. We have sent £6000 to end of May and the June payment is going now.

Gift Aid for first quarter £1,000.

We are in a healthy financial position at the moment.

Devoran’s MMF call for the year is £27.211. Feock’s MMF call is £37,473.

The Waterside Churches account: some difficulty getting this set up. Trish from Devoran has been to the bank at least twice, but no progress. We still hold £172 and £128 from the Men's Breakfast to go into this account.

Rosemary has made a donation of £520 to cover the cost of C/Hall cleaning for a year. David has donated £120 towards the new table. Thank you to Rosemary and David.

Old Sumup card reader sold for £24 and a new stand-alone Sumup reader has been donated. This is easier to use as it does not need to be connected to a phone.

£75 received in compensation for loss of electrical power during storm Eunice.

£1476 has come from a very successful Plant Sale; £218 from Perran Bridge Club from their Bridge Drive; £140 from our raffle at the Bridge Drive.

Fundraising events planned: August Summer Tea with singer August 11th. Quiz Sept.3rd Table Top sale October 15th. Oggy Men concert October Will Keating concert November. Tim and Lorraine ongoing Sale of Goods.

Lent Lunches, only 3 of 5 took place due to Covid. £540 to Save the Children plus gift aid total £634 £475 to local Food Bank plus gift aid total £520 also food products.

Spend. It was agreed that the rear of the church needed an upgrade. Paul and Trish sought out suitable furniture, and with the approval of the PCC purchased a console table and cupboard. These will replace the assortment of mismatched tables and the cupboard that have signs of woodworm. Total cost £774.97 including delivery in August.

We have bought 200 copies of the History of St. Pirans at the very reasonable rate of £100. Rev. Martin Hogan has the copyright. Trish has thanked him, he sends his best wishes to us all.

Other items needing attention. 1. Clearing guttering. Cleaning the interior of the Tower. 2. New Dehumidifier for vestry. 3. Outside Notice Board. Planning permission is being sought and meeting is mid June. When we get permission the replacement will cost £3000 including delivery, installation, removal of old board, and 15 year guarantee . NB. Since the PCC meeting Paul has received permission from the council for the notice board to be installed.

Pastoral. The standing committee have some concerns for Revd Owen.He is becoming increasingly frail and needs more support. In the past we have given Owen a monetary gift in recognition of his pastoral support. Cash is not the whole answer but Trish proposed we give him £300 for his immediate needs, while other avenues are explored. Seconded by Paul. All in favour.

PCC fees. When we became 3 churches we found our fees were not in line with those of Feock and Devoran, ours being slightly less. We agreed to bring our fees in line with those of the other two churches. Feock PCC would now like an increase of 20% on the present fees. After much discussion we agreed to an increase of 20% and this will be reviewed as and when we deem it necessary. Paul proposed we make this increase, seconded by Veronica. The fees are : Organist £80 increased to £96 Tower Bells £100 - £120 Verger/Warden £ 40 - £ 48 Heating £ 70 - £ 84 Use of Organ £ 70 - £ 84

Total: £360 £432

Trish was thanked for her ongoing hard work managing the finances.

Safeguarding: Lorraine is aware of those people who have completed the online training course. It was suggested the certificates were given to Jacqui when any course is completed and she will keep them until we can pass them on to Lorraine. Anyone in direct contact with a child on their own during the Holiday Club needs to have completed the basic course. However, common sense must prevail and helpers preparing refreshments do not need to have a certificate.

OTW: The Deanery plan (available on the website) is in place and will go to the Bishop in June. The Waterside group is ring fenced for 3 years, after which a review is due. OTW plan is for Karen to then lead this group with a leader for each church.

We still have not agreed to sign the Bishops Mission Order. Deferred to later meeting.

Forthcoming events and services: On 19th. June the Archbishop of Canterbury and 6 evangelists are visiting Cornwall. All services are to be conducted outside ie. Services without Walls. We will hold our service in the grounds of the village hall. The service has been designed by Karen. Jane Darlington will preach. We will try and arrange for recorded music and download the appropriate hymns.(our organist is away) Coffee and bacon baps will be served after the service. AFTERNOTE: Jane Darlington to arrange sound system.

Holiday Club: August 4th. 5th. 6th. From 9.30-12.00 The theme is Noah. Day 1 Gods warning Day 2 isolation Day3 after the flood, the rainbow. God's promise.

Karen will lead and Liz Harris is very happy to be involved. Chris has designed the format and is organising each day. She has put in place online registration and has already had two bookings! The Holiday Club will be advertised in Perran News, with paper registration forms available. There will be posters in the village. David will arrange the advertisement on the village facebook. A first aider is needed for the Holiday Club.

A.O.B: Chris would like a fellowship list of church members with phone and email numbers. Paul reminded the meeting that we have to be careful about data protection and people’s right to privacy.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 6 Sept. at 2.00pm. Standing committee 30 August. The meeting closed with a prayer and the Grace at 3.45pm




Minutes of APCM St.Church Perranarworthal held after service Sunday 3 April 2022

Meeting initially chaired by Paul Stuart, as Rev. Karen Wilson taking service at St. Feock and would arrive


There were 22 adults on the electoral roll present.

Apologies for absence:

Apologies from Heather McCombie. David Harris. Tim and Lorraine Rogers. Veronica Eccleston. Kay Lobb.

Sally Tregonning

Minutes of the previous APCM were proposed and accepted.

Matters arising: None


Vicars report as in the Annual Report and Accounts on display at the back of the church and in the porch.

Churchwardens report to be seen in the Annual Report and Accounts .

A vote of thanks was made to our churchwardens for all their work in shepherding the congregation

through what has proved to be a challenging year with many changes.

Electoral Roll: Many thanks to Heather McCombie for the revision of the electoral roll. There are 58 persons

on the roll, 3 persons came off and 2 new names added.

Financial Report: At the end of the year our overall asset value is £58,143 which is just slightly less than our

reported assets of £58,289 last year. We have paid our call of £18.000 to Mission and Ministry Fund and

have no outstanding debts.

Trish thanked those in the congregation who had responded to her appeal to set up regular monthly

standing orders for giving.

Ian Halford proposed a vote of thanks to our treasurer for the ongoing work she does. All in favour.

Paul Stuart proposed the accounts be accepted. All in favour.

Deanery Synod: Nothing to report. Rosemary Aitken and David Simmonds are our current Deanery reps.

Elections and appointments: Heather McCombie has decided not to stand as a PCC member again. Many

thanks to Heather for all her work and effort over the years. She has agreed to continue in her role as

Electoral Roll officer, and will continue to be in charge of Church Hall bookings.

Tony Woodbridge agreed to stand for PCC as did Chris Ryall and Tim Rogers, all have been proposed and

seconded. Proposed these nominations to the PCC be accepted. All in favour

Many thanks to Tim Best, our independent examiner, who has indicated he is prepared to be the

independent examiner again this year.

A.O.B. Clive Buckingham said a thank you to all who did tasks in so many capacities that contributed to the

life of the church.

Election of Church Wardens, overseen by Revd. Karen Wilson, upon arrival. 

Proposal that there is an extension for 1 year for Paul to be church Warden. Unanimously in favour

Paul Stuart and David Simmons have both been nominated as church wardens and duly seconded .

Proposed their nominations be accepted. Unanimously in favour.

The meeting closed at 11.30am with a prayer.

PCC meeting post APCM.

Apologies from Heather,McCombie, Tim and Lorraine Rogers, Kay Lobb Veronica Eccleston

Present:Paul Stuart, DavidSimmons, Janet Thomas, Chris Ryall, Rosemary Aitken, Trish Wilcocks, Tony

Woodbridge, Juliet Dundon, Jacqui Hopwood.

Paul proposed as lay chair by Rosemary, seconded by Juliet

Trish proposed as treasurer by Jacqui, seconded by Janet

Jacqui proposed as secretary by Janet, seconded by Trish.

Lorraine proposed as Safeguarding Officer by Jacqui, seconded by Rosemary



APOLOGIES: Rev. Karen Wilson 

PRESENT: Paul Stuart, David Simmons, Trish Wilcocks, Rosemary Aitken, Tim Rogers. Lorraine Rogers, Chris Ryall, Veronica Eccleston, Kay Lobb, Heather McCombie, Janet Thomas, Juliet Dundon, Jacqui Hopwood.


Trish said the accounts for the APCM had been examined and verified by Tim Best. Veronica proposed the annual accounts be accepted. Heather seconded the motion. All in favour. 


The church notice board outside the church has fallen into a poor state of repair and is found to be too small for our needs. The PCC has discussed this issue many times over the years and it is felt the time has come to replace the existing noticeboard. Trish has researched the subject of church notice boards online and suggested a particular notice board that would appear to be suitable for our needs. There was much discussion regarding size, cost , materials used in manufacture, persons available locally ableto make a notice board, colour and ease of use of a board selected. A notice board was chosen. The cost is £2537 installed, and comes with a 5 year guarantee. As the board is larger than the existing one, planning permission is required to have it installed. Paul has been in contact with the planning authorities and expects a response soon. The estimated delivery for the board is approx. 40 working days. Rosemary proposed that the PCC give consent in principle to the seeking of planning permission and the ordering of the board if that permission was obtained. Tim seconded the motion. All in favour. AFTERNOTE: Paul has received notice from Cornwall Council that the proposed board falls under Section 2C of the advertising regulations and will need planning permission. That will now be sought. 


Trish has ordered various items for the Holiday Club, and requested she is reimbursed from the Holiday Club Fund. All agreed.


Lorraine reported that the Dashboard regarding Safeguarding is complete and up to date. The safeguarding officer and the incumbent are aware of the policy in place regarding the recruitment of ex offenders. 

The meeting closed at 11.30 am



Present: Rev’d Karen Wilson (KW); Paul Stuart(PS}; Patricia Wilcocks (PW}: Janet Thomas (JT);

Rosemary Aitken (RA); Kay Lobb (KL); Chris Ryall (CR); Juliet Dundon (JD); Veronica Eccleston (VE); Lorraine Rogers (LR); Tim Rogers (TR); Heather McCombie (HM); David Simmons (DS); Jacqui Hopwood (JH).

Welcome and Prayer 

Minutes of last meeting:

Agreed and signed as accurate.


LR has been working on the Parish Safeguarding Dashboard. C of E safeguarding policies will be on display on the church notice board at the back of the church. The PCC is committed to these policies and all members of the PCC will undertake to do the Basic Awareness Course available online.KW will be responsible for the social media policies for the church.


Total assets at 31 December 2021 £58,143

£36,584 in CBF Deposit General Account

£6,194 in CBF Deposit Tower Fund

Remainder in Lloyds Current Account

£18,000 MMF contributions were sent by end of December2021

MMF for 2022 will be based on 2021 amounts £22,349 Carnmarth North Deanery

Church/Church Hall insurance paid in December £2,459 plus any outstanding bills.

Gift Aid for last quarter £898.4

GASDS £125.87

Total gift aid and GASDS for 2021 is £3607 and £464 = £4072

Fees for Tower Bell ringers remains at £100

Oggy Men Concert raised £260 for the general fund

Christingle Service raised £200 for Childrens Society

Carol Service raised £120 this plus £94 from after church coffee plus £100, in total was sent to Pearl of Africa for their hospital clinic.

All accounts are up to date and will be prepared for Tim Best to examine in preparation for the APCM.

As yet have not heard if a cluster account has been set up.

No acknowledgement of change of access level with our account.

RA has once again very generously agreed to fund the weekly cleaning of the church hall, as there is still money in hand from last year PW will let RA know when it becomes necessary.

PS has very generously donated £700 from the sale of his last book This money has been applied to the churchyard maintenance fund.

It was suggested that a card reader for donations might be useful especially for use at weddings and baptisms. PS and PW will look into this.

On The Way:

KW is part of this team.

No one from the Waterside Churches has as yet been accepted on the team.

There will be a meeting with the PCC and OTW team, the date we identified is 11 February in the morning.

OTW will look at the fruitfulness and sustainability of the various churches.

Bishops Mission Order:

As a diocese this will coordinate and offer courses, days, events, and the sharing of good practices and resources.

We haven't signed up to the BMO yet.

PS suggested we wait until after the meeting with OTW before we sign up.

Report from the JCC:

1. Mission and Outreach.

OTW will look to ensure we are both sustainable and faithful.

1. How would we like our churches to be perceived within the three communities?

2. What are our Mission and Outreach priorities for the coming year?

3. Regarding Mission and Outreach, what are our strengths?

4. With regards to Mission and Outreach, what would we like to help? CR will collate a list to help identify where we are less successful and may need help. This will appear on our website.

5. Prayer for JCC . Thanks to Adrian Walker for producing the prayer.

Preparation for APCM:

The date was fixed for April 3 after church.

It was felt there was a need for congregation members to understand the duties of the PCC and be inclined to put themselves forward to stand for PCC membership.

PS is prepared to stand as warden for another year if there are no other persons who wish to stand for election.

TR is happy to stand for PCC again.

HM having served for the past 3 years no longer wishes to stand for PCC. She is happy to continue to run the church hall bookings and organise the After church coffee rota.

CR is happy to collate the various reports that form the Annual Reports and Accounts.

After service coffee:

This will start again in February.

Pearl of Africa:

A total of £314 will be sent to Pearl of Africa and we will continue to support them for the following year.

Holiday Club:

The Hall has been booked for the afternoon of the 3rd. August, Thursday 4th 5th and Sat 6th. Morning.

It was suggested later in August may be a more convenient time, CR will check bookings to see if it can be held later in August.

JT feels she can no longer organise the Holiday Club. The PCC thanked Janet for all the organisation of the Holiday Club over the past years.

CR is willing to organise the Holiday Club. TR will help with the craft.

Chris Wilson will organise the BBQ on Saturday.

It was felt it was important to encourage children who had attended the HC to continue to be involved with the church.

The Holiday Club will be advertised well in advance. Holiday Club - PS offered to do a Creative Writing session with a view to follow up sessions a s a p after the HC, and publication of a book to be launched on Radio Cornwall.

Lent Lunches.

These will take place on 8, 15, 22 ,29 March and the 5 April.

JT asked for volunteers to help.

Donations from Lent Lunches will be for Save The Children, and the Truro Food Bank.

Maundy meal will be at 7.00pm on April 14.

Gentleman's Breakfast:

February 26 9.00am will be held in the Village Hall. Needs to be advertised.

Will Keating Concert.

10 February in the church

Will Keating Concert – Tickets, £10 each, are available from his website, the box office (01726 63513) and Tourist offices throughout Cornwall. 20% of the proceeds to go to the church. Limit of 80 tickets

Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Sunday 5 June. Thoughts for the service?


CR suggested an Easter Egg Trail for the children, also the possibility of a Craft Cub.

KW will discuss the Methodist services on 25 January with Methodist clergy.

Good Friday Walk of Witness followed by meditation in the church.

6 March is St.Pirans Day ,our feast day.

KW thanked everyone who helped over the Christmas period to make the church so welcoming and the services so special.

The meeting closed at 4.00pm with the Grace.



The meeting opened at 2.00pm with a prayer.

Present: Rev’d. Karen Wilson (KW); Paul Stuart (PS); David Simmons (DS); Patricia Wilcocks (PW); Janet

Thomas (JT); Tim Rogers (TR); Juliet Dundon (JD); Veronica Eccleston (VE); Chris Ryall (CR); Heather

McCombie (HM); Jacqui Hopwood (JH);

Apologies: Rev. Jonathan Rowe, Kay Lobb, Rosemary Aitken, Lorraine Rogers.


Agreed and signed as accurate.

Matters Arising:

CR asked about the Men's Breakfast held in October. KW reported that this went well, 13 men attended

and a total of £90 was raised. She expressed her thanks to PW and Mandy Walker who helped at the

breakfast. There was discussion whether or not to have a Women's Breakfast and how to expand into the

community. It was agreed to discuss and build into plans for next year's programme. The PCC thanked

Karen and Chris for giving the breakfast.

Bishops Mission Order and On the Way:

The Rural Dean Revd. Marc Baker joined the meeting at 2.30pm to discuss and explain the initiatives

The Bishops Mission Order and One The Way.

After his explanation of the two initiatives there were many questions and much discussion, mainly centering on whether the BMO document constituted a legal document, and the implications of signing it or not. Marc understood our concerns and confirmed that there is no pressure being applied to us to "sign up" to the BMO. We have only just joined Powder Deanery, and our friends from the other two Waterside Churches have had much longer to consider the matter and it was felt we needed more time to consider and reflect on the issues raised.

The PCC thanked Revd. Mark for his time and patience in addressing our meeting.

The meeting then decided to return to this issue at our January meeting. This gives each person time to fully reflect and consider the matter.

On the Way is a six month's root and branch review and not optional. Marc explained the process involved. He is asking for volunteers to represent the churches on the review body. In answer to a specific question he explained that it will involve fortnightly meetings, starting in January 2021, with work to be done between those meetings. 


The PCC were given a statement of the a/c as at 17November 2021.

The Treasurers of the Waterside Benefice met on 12 November and an a/c was opened with Lloyds Bank.

This a/c will be administered by Tricia Holmes, Treasurer at Devoran and reviewed after a year. This a/c is

for monthly clergy expenses, plus any funds raised as a joint activity. The a/c was opened with £98 from the

Men's Breakfast.

St. Piran's Current Account £18420 as of 22/11/21 Total assets £61571 projection end of year £58000

MMF we will have given, as agreed, £18000 by end of Dec. 2021

Devoran £25000 and Feock £26000 both are determined to meet their commitment to the new benefice.

Churchyard grass cutting for this year £1050has been paid.

PW needs higher access to our online account. This is to enable BACS transfers for clergy expenses.

Cheques are used less and less and paying in slips are no longer available. Recently some cheques have

gone astray. This will be set up with all security, transfers will be made with authority from a church warden.

The account is also reconciled monthly by Annie Hewitt.

There was unanimous agreement that the access was set up, and Trish was thanked for her ongoing work.

December Services:

The subject of the number hymns at services was once again raised. Some members of the PCC want to

go back to the pre pandemic regime, and others still felt cautious about the safety of singing in a group

within a closed space.

There will be a limited number of hymns at each of the December services, and those who feel uneasy can

sit towards the back of the church.

Sunday Dec. 5th 2 hymns

Sunday Dec.12th 4 hymns

Sunday Dec.19th 2 hymns

Sunday Dec. 19th Carol Service 7 hymns

Friday Dec. 24th Crib Service as done in the past

Midnight Communion Christmas Eve 4 hymns

Christmas Day 4 hymns

Safeguarding and DBS Certification:

All PCC members and all who do any voluntary work for our church should complete the online Safeguarding training on the C of E website. The link is:

People are asked to ensure completion at the appropriate level. Every one must do the basic level, and some need to do the next level. Please print your certificate and give it to Lorraine for her records.

The meeting was told that the Basic DBS Certificate process must be done by everyone. Please contact Lorraine to confirm which level of DBS Certification you need and how to do it. 

The PCC expressed thanks to Lorraine for the work she is doing re safeguarding.

Date of Next Meeting:

18th January 2022. 2.00pm.

The meeting closed with The Grace.



PRESENT: Rev’d. Karen Wilson (KW); Paul Stuart (PS); Patricia Wilcocks (PW); Janet Thomas (JT); Rosemary Aitken (RA); Kay Lobb (KL); Chris Ryall (CR); Juliet Dundon (JD); Veronica Eccleston (VE); Lorraine Rogers (LR); Tim Rogers (TR); Heather McCombie (HM).

Apologies: Jacqui Hopwood; David Simmons.

Welcome and Prayer

Minutes of last meeting:

Agreed and signed as accurate.

Matters Arising:



PW distributed the financial situation as at 30th September, 2021 and pointed out the most important figures. Income has been affected by the pandemic, as has expenditure, but MMF payments are on target. We have the means to pay known forthcoming bills. Recent expenditure includes the purchase of new mugs in preparation for recommencing after service coffee; annual fire check; insurance. Future outlay will include church heating as we move into winter. Gift Aid income was £1,000. We have also received a payment of £300 from an unknown source. PW will ensure it is allocated appropriately and repaid if necessary, when the payee becomes known. PW stressed that there is a need to raise funds as we slowly get back to “normality”. The meeting expressed thanks to PW for her usual excellent financial work.


LR reported that she has attended a meeting for Safeguarding Officers, and will attend others as they arise. She said she needs to create a register of training and DBS certificates. All PCC members were asked to complete the online Safeguarding training which is on the C of E website. People need to ensure they complete the appropriate level. Everybody must do the basic level, Wardens and Local Worship Leader should do the next level. The third level is for our clergy. Certificates should be printed and given to LR for our records. DBS checks and certificates need to be done. LR reported that her records show that nobody currently has an in-date certificate. She is considering being our DBS checker and may therefore address this issue. PS will provide her with lists of teams for the church and DBS checks will be pursued accordingly. LR said DBS certificates will, in future, be valid for only 3 years.


It was agreed that we shall continue to use hand sanitizer upon entry to the church and church hall. Distancing will continue. Mask wearing will be the preferred normality. It was agreed to stay with the singing of 2 hymns per service, but responses and canticles will be sung during appropriate services. The choir will be in place for Holy Communion services and will sing during the taking of communion. The congregation will be discouraged from singing along with them at that time. The use of a nave altar for Communion will continue. PW proposed that after service coffee should restart. This was agreed by all and will begin on 7th November. HM to arrange the rota. People to collect refreshments from the kitchen doorway and then sit down. We need to limit the amount of movement. Sides will also start again on the same date. PS and DS to arrange the rota.

Fund Raising:

We have the offer of The Oggeymen doing an evening at no cost. This has come via JD from Lance Foy’s son, who is in the group. PS to deal with. AFTERNOTE: PS phoned Lance Foy and possible dates are Friday 19 the November, Saturday 20th September of the Friday or Saturday following. The meeting agreed that we should sell tickets which would include a pasty and perhaps coffee. Publicity to be done and tickets printed as soon as a date is arranged. TR said that sales from his online selling scheme now stand at £450. PS said that sale of his book has raised £700 and thanked all who have supported the effort. There will be a men’s breakfast on 30th October in the Perranwell Centre. KW will cook and her husband will be front of house. Sign-up sheets to appear shortly.

Rota to Christmas:

Done and due to be published shortly. Services we asked for have been included.

 Methodist/ Services: 

KW has met Liz Harris and agreed that the current pattern will continue through to Christmas, and then reviewed. The history of how it has evolved was set out by members of the meeting, as was the fact that the previous Bishop was content with the arrangement. KW said that she was due to attend a Deanery Chapter meeting and the arrangement may be questioned at that level. The meeting felt the arrangement that was in place in earlier times (about 6 services per year at which a Methodist preached, plus the annual Covenant Service and Toy Service) should be the least to which we should agree. There was a strong feeling in the meeting that our alliance should continue.



Date of next meeting was set as 18th January, 2022 at 2.00 pm.

The meeting closed with the Grace.



Meeting opened at 2.00pm with a prayer led by Revd. Karen.

PRESENT: Revd. Karen Wilson. Paul Stuart, Trish Wilcocks, Janet Thomas. Rosemary Aitken, David Simmons. Juliet Dundon, Chris Ryall, Sue Perry, Veronica Eccleston, Lorraine Rogers, Tim Rogers, Jacqui Hopwood. 

APOLOGIES: Heather McCombie, Kay Lobb. 

WELCOME: Paul took the opportunity to welcome Revd. Karen and to say how very pleased we are to have her in post. 

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: Agreed these were an accurate reflection of the meeting. Paul signed off the minutes. 


ELECTIONS TO THE JOINT COUNCIL: Trish proposed that one or other of the church wardens plus two other members be elected to the JCC. This was unanimously agreed. Rosemary proposed the election of the church wardens. Seconded by Janet. Trish proposed that Janet be elected to the JCC. Seconded by Paul. David proposed that Chris be elected to the JC. Seconded by Veronica. 


1. We will still offer and encourage the use of sanitizer at the entry to church. 

2. We will continue to use the distancing format that we have been using. 

3. Services. It was agreed that the number we can accommodate for a normal service is 55, with the distancing format still in use. For stand alone occasional services the maximum number should be 80. These figures will be kept under constant review. The two weddings that have been booked prior to this decision will not be affected. 

4. Mask wearing is now voluntary, but it was felt that we should encourage their continued use. The will remain available at the entrance.  

5. There is a wish to get back to the singing of hymns in church. Janet proposed that from the 22nd. August two hymns be returned to the order of service, and the congregation should be encouraged to sing through their masks. People who feel uncomfortable with the prospect of singing should sit towards the back of the church. This was seconded by Chris. 6 in favour. 2 against. 5 abstentions mo. Motion carried. This will be kept under review. 

6. The taking of holy communion. This will continue to be taken in one kind. 12 in favour 1 abstention. 

7. After service refreshments in the Church Hall. This was felt not to be sensible at this time. Karen proposed we leave at the close of service. Seconded by Paul . 

SAFEGUARDING: Lorraine is taking on the role of safeguarding officer. 


1. Currently the readers and prayer leaders read from their places in the pews.Sometimes it is difficult for all the congregation to hear. The wardens will investigate the cost and practicality of individual clip on microphones 

2. Lorraine reported that she has already raised £200 funds from the sale of various donated items. 

3. Karen expressed her thanks for the support and goodwill shown her at her licencing last Wednesday. 

NEXT METING: October. 5 at 2pm. In the church hall. 

Janet closed the meeting with a prayer and The Grace at 3.40pm


PCC MEETING 29th June 2021

Meeting opened with a prayer at 2pm.


Trish, Paul, David, Chris, Janet, Kay, Sue, Rosemary, Veronica, Jacqui, Heather


Juliet, Tim, Lorraine, Jonathan


Minutes of the last meeting held on Zoom May10 2021 were proposed and accepted unanimously.



Total Assets as of 31/5/21 £59,971 held in LLoyds current and CBF deposit a/cs.

Current a/c. balance £16,429

MMF paid this year £7500

July payment just sent, £1500

Ie. We have paid £9000 of the total of £18000 agreed to pay this year.

We are currently receiving £900 direct giving to the bank each month. £800 is eligible for gift aid.

Yellow envelopes £240

Blue envelopes £130 (average monthly)

Plate £200 ( average monthly)

Total £1470 so monthly giving is almost our monthly MMF quota.

Thus we rely on reclaimed gift aid, fund raising, money from weddings and funerals for other costs, ie.

clergy expenses, insurance and licenses, utility bills, outreach and general maintenance.

The Fabric Fund, TowerFund, Organ Fund, Church Hall and C/yard maintenance funds are restricted funds and can only be used for designated purposes.

The monthly standing order for the Eight Saints Cluster administrator of £75 has been cancelled and her redundancy of £226.29 paid in full.

Work on bell tower £690

Pump for boiler house £115

Clearing blocked drain £114

New water heater for C/Hall £91

Professional cleaning C/Hall £175 C/Hall cleaning at £10/week. These last two items have been covered by a generous donation from Rosemary.

The Parish Council have once again generously made a donation of £650 towards the annual cost of churchyard maintenance.

We need a new exterior noticeboard, and anticipate a cost in the region of £1000.

Thanks to Trish for presenting the financial picture so clearly.


Lorraine has agreed to take on the role of Safeguarding officer.


All services and events pertaining to the Waterside Churches can be found on the website


There was a huge amount of discussion on the contents of the paper regarding the setting up of the new Joint Council.

Rosemary proposed we ratify the document points 1 to 12.

Veronica seconded the proposal. All in favour.

Also as a result of a meeting on June 17 ,the following proposals:

a/.The JCC would comprise 3 members from each church, one of which must be the warden.

b/.Karen Wilson will Chair.Lay Chair duties will be undertaken by a member from each church on an annual rota basis.

c/.The term of office for JCC members will be 3 years. Initial appts. from each church being for 1.2 and 3

years.( re-electable) Opportunity to co-opt members should the need arise.

d/. The JCC will meet every 2 months for the first year and every quarter thereafter.

e/.PCCs will meet before each JCC.

f/. A quorum to be at least 50% of the membership to include at least one member from each church.

g/. The importance of regular payment of MMF into the Joint Council bank account was emphasised.

h/. The paper once agreed upon by all three churches would go to the Bishops Council for approval.

After much discussion the above points were agreed upon, with 1 abstention.


Rosemary suggested as a fun fundraiser in the future ,when conditions allow, we could consider an ‘exhibition’ on the lines of The Book of Heroic Failures.

Tim and Lorraine have started selling items on MarketPlace for funds. Contributions please.


Vestry PCC MEETING. 23rd May 2021. 


Paul, David, Trish, Janet, Rosemary, Veronica, Sue, Kay, Juliet, Heather, Jacqui. 


The meeting was held to discuss wedding and funeral fees and charges. The Church of England charges set fees, but there are optional fees available. In order to ensure The Waterside Churches each charge the same it was proposed that the fee for use of the organ be raised from £50 to £70 and the charge for the organist changes from £70 to £80. These charges will come in after the next wedding, in two weeks,has taken place. Vote taken. All in favour.




The meeting opened with a prayer at 2.10pm. 


Paul, David, Heather, Trish, Kay, Lorraine, Tim, Juliet, Veronica, Rosemary, Jacqui. 


Sue Perry, Janet Thomas, Chris Ryall 


This meeting was prior to the APCM and the PCC members had had a copy of the minutes. It was agreed the minutes were an accurate account of the meeting, And were ‘ signed off’. 



All members of the PCC had received a copy of finances as of April 2021. This showed total funds of £58,977. The MMF of £4500 up until the end of April has been paid. A further £1500 for May will be paid this month. Trish thanked those who had recently increased their giving. Trish will bring the necessary forms to church on Sunday, should anyone wish to arrange Direct Debit giving. The plant sale has been doing well, the final amount has not yet been reached. The meeting thanked Trish for her continued sound governance of finances and clear exposition. 


Initially there were 6 applicants for the new position of priest. After shortlisting there were 4, but one has since withdrawn. The remaining 3 candidates , 2 ladies and one man, are to be interviewed next Tuesday. On Monday the candidates will be shown the church, the village and the property where the successful candidate will live. Janet, Trish Ian and David will meet the candidates and show them around. They will be able to give general impressions to Paul who will be part of the interview panel on Tuesday. Jonathan is meeting the 3 candidates today via Zoom. Should someone be appointed it is hoped that they might be in post by September. 


For the past two years Rosemary has generously funded the hall cleaning. This has enabled us to make a donation of £10 per week to the person cleaning. Linda Booth had been cleaning, but as she has now left the area we are now in the position of looking for another volunteer. As the hall has not been used or cleaned during lockdown, it was agreed that a deep clean was needed before it is used again. Rosemary very generously offered to pay for this to be done. With many thanks we accepted this kind offer. There are potentially bookings for the hall as Covid restrictions are being eased. 

1.Cynthia Dowding booking for Bridge weekly from June 21st. 

2. KeepFit a small group of 4-5 from Thursday May 20th 

3. U3A MahJong twice a month from June 21. 

In the light of a deep clean being arranged, KeepFit may have to wait until 27th to start. Heather will advise the leader. It is stressed that any group using the hall must be prepared to be Covid compliant according to the government guideline existing at the time of use. There was some discussion as to charges for the use of the hall. It was agreed to keep the cost the same as before at £11 per session and £13 for an evening session. Private functions will remain at £20. 

It was agreed that in September the charges would be reviewed and possibly change to £12 per session and £14 per evening session. 


Lorraine has agreed to be the safeguarding officer. 


Feock and Devoran have both started having communion. The next opportunity for us will be June 20 when Jonathon will be taking the service. There will have to be a risk assessment as to how this can take place safely following current covid guidelines. It was generally agreed that communicants remain in their seats and only the priest moves about the church. It would be wafer only. The church wardens will proceed cautiously and take guidance. 

The BCP early morning service will be discussed with the new incumbent. 


Thanks to Tim for organising the repair of one of the altar candlesticks. 

There was general discussion re fund raising. Currently the sale of Paul's book and the plant sale are the ongoing fund raising activities. Tim has said he is planning to make lino-cut Christmas Cards for sale this year. 

He also suggested that we look at items of interest or use that we no longer want or need, and these could be sold on ebay. As this seems a good idea but no one seems very proficient on selling on ebay, Lorraine suggested using MarketPlace. This is also an internet platform but is simpler to use and she is happy to sell on there should we have suitable items. Tim would be happy to curate any items as to suitability. This to be announced at the next service.

Rosemary would be happy to run a writing workshop after June 20.

Tim and Lorraine would be happy to start their Sunday lunches when restrictions allow. 

We welcomed Kay, Veronica and Sue to their first PCC since being elected to the PCC. 

No date for the next PCC was arranged as we need to wait for the outcome of the interviews.

The meeting closed at 3.00 pm with a prayer.


There is due to be a joint communion service at St. Feock on Sunday May 30th. There will not be a service at either of the other churches on that day. We are encouraged to support the joint service as it will be the first such service for the new Waterside Churches. I'm told that they can accommodate 70, even with social distancing. Paul


APCM - 25/04/2021

The meeting was chaired by Rev. Jonathan Rowe. There were 25 adults on the electoral roll present. The meeting opened with a prayer. 

The meeting was composed of three parts. 


Paul has served 6 years as church warden, and would normally be disqualified from standing again. Both Paul and David are prepared to stand as church wardens again. There are no other people prepared to stand as churchwardens. Therefore the following will apply: Churchwardens Measure 2001 No1 Section 3 

3.Disqualification after six periods of office Without prejudice to section 2 above, a person shall be disqualified from being chosen for office of churchwarden when that person has served as a churchwarden of the same parish for six successive periods of office until the annual meeting of the parishioners to elect churchwardens in the next year but one following the date on which that person vacated office at the end of the last such period. Provided that a meeting of the parishioners may by resolution decide that this section shall not apply in relation to the parish concerned. Any such resolution may be revoked by a subsequent meeting of the parishioners. 

Checked with AD-The procedure is as simple as passing a resolution at a properly convened APCM suspending the 6 year rule and then immediately proceeding to the election . Resolution where circumstances are such that there are no more than two nominations for Churchwarden and where the current warden is willing to continue, the six -year rule be suspended. Rosemary proposed the resolution be accepted. Heather seconded the proposal. All in favour. None against, No abstentions. The resolution must be reviewed at the next AGM.  Thus Paul and David are unanimously elected as our churchwardens.


Apologies from Tim and Lorraine Rogers and Chris Ryall. 


Minutes of the previous APCM were accepted. 


Electoral roll report. There have 3 deletions to the report, 1 death, and 2 people leaving the area, and 1 addition . Heather urged anyone who wished to be on the role to contact her. 


End of year balance £58.289 General fund £17.911 At the end of the year 2020 we were £3000 better off than at the end of 2019. Income from giving, gift aid and fundraising were less due to the pandemic. Our running costs for clergy expenses, maintenance, church supplies,utility bills were all less, except for insurance of hall and church and churchyard maintenance. The PCC agreed to give £15,9000 in MMF, which was felt to be fair in the present circumstances. This was a sensible decision as we want to be able to meet our commitment to the Waterside Churches in 2021. Our commitment is to pay £18000 in MMF this year. Trish thanked everyone for their continued financial support, particularly those who have set up monthly standing orders. She asked if anyone who had not reviewed their giving in the past few years could just give it some thought. If we all could give just a little more it would make such a difference. Trish was thanked for her continued excellent work. Trish proposed a vote of thanks to Tim Best the Independent Examiner. A proposal to accept the accounts. All in favour.


Nothing to report. Currently our Deanery Synod reps. are with Carnmarth North, but following this meeting the secretary will give our reps. names to Powder Deanery to which the Waterside Churches will belong. They are David Simmons and Rosemary Aitken.


Chris Ryall's and Lorraine Rogers' terms as members of the PCC have come to an end. They are both willing to stand again and have been proposed and seconded. Veronica Eccleston and Kay Lobb have agreed to stand as members and have been proposed and seconded. Gordon Denwood, Gill Warden and Tracy Woodrow have all stood down as members. Tim Best has agreed to act as independent examiner again this year. 

2f AOB.

A vote of thanks to Jonathan for all the help and support he has given us throughout the year. Especially with the difficult transition process, made more difficult by the ongoing pandemic. Jonathan thanked all those who lead and take part in the services. The Methodist ministers and especially to Janet for the love and care she brings to her services. Thank you to Juliet for lovely music, to the church wardens. He also thanked the treasurer, secretary and electoral role officer, and everyone who contributes to the life of our church. 

The meeting closed at 11.00pm with a prayer. 


Apologies from Tim, Lorraine and Chris. Present: Jonathan,Paul, David, Trish, Janet, Heather, Veronica Jacqui.

Paul proposed as Lay Chair by Jacqui, seconded by David. Trish proposed as treasurer by Paul by David seconded. Jacqui proposed as secretary by David, seconded by Heather. Sue Perry proposed to be co-opted onto PCC by Paul, seconded by Heather. 

Paul gave details of the impending selection process for a new incumbent, including dates for shortlisting and interview. 

Next meeting by Zoom 11th May at 2pm. Agenda to be published. 

Meeting closed at 11.20am



The meeting opened with a prayer.

PRESENT:  Paul, Rosemary, David, Trish, Janet, Heather, Chris, Juliet, Tim, Lorraine, Jacqui.



FINANCE: Thanks were expressed by everyone for the clear and concise way Trish has presented the accounts. Thanks also to Tim Best for independently auditing. Jacqui proposed the a/cs be accepted. Seconded by Janet. Carried unanimously.

PREPARATION FOR APCM: Thanks to Chris who has completed collating the report for the APCM. Trish will print and staple the hard copies needed. The report will appear on our website. Additional hard copies will be available on request for persons not able to access

digital copies. 3 people are leaving the PCC and to date 2 people have agreed to stand for PCC.

The notice regarding the forthcoming APCM is displayed in the church porch, as is the notice regarding the election of churchwardens.

There was a discussion re the format of the APCM which will take place following the service on the 25 April.

TRANSITION: The advertisement for the new incumbent went out on March 22. Closing date 21 April. 

Shortlisting 28 April

15-16 May potential candidates visit and view vicarage

17 May visit to the three villages

18 May interviews

To date that is all the information available.

JOINT COUNCIL: There was much discussion about the formation of the Joint Council following the transition.

It was agreed until we know the structure, the legal format and the authority of the joint council we are just speculating. We all agreed that the simpler the format , the better.

It is felt that depending on needs at any particular time, the joint council should be able to co opt persons with the relevant skill set to address that need at that time.


COMING OUT OF LOCKDOWN: Please let Trish know if you are coming to service on Sundays. Please try not to arrive at the last minute.

The wardens are to be congratulated as to how the church seating is laid out and how they guide the congregation for our services.

The church will follow all the guidelines issued re services during lockdown. 

The service last week was very well attended and numbers of people have said how much they enjoyed the service.

Thank you to all those who contribute to make our services memorable and special. 


1/.  Plants are growing. There will be a list in a couple of weeks to order plants.

2/.  Feock church is at present without an organist and George has been asked if he will play for them. George feels St. Piran's is his church and was wondering what he should do. This is a wonderful offer for George and he has all our blessings to take this opportunity. Janet will arrange a card for George giving our love and best wishes.

The meeting closed at 3pm. With The Grace

Next meeting is APCM on 25th April after the service.



Zoom PCC 16/3/2021 at 2pm

The meeting opened with a prayer. 

PRESENT:  Paul, David, Trish, Janet, Rosemary, Chris, Lorraine,Tim, Heather Jacqui.

APOLOGIES: Juliet, Jonathan, Gordon.

MATTERS ARISING~: The last meeting on 2/3/2021 had been to informally discuss the content of

the final proposal as to the format of the Waterside Churches. A straw poll had been taken and all were in favour. Now 2 weeks later we needed to make a formal acceptance of the proposal discussed on 2/3/2021.

Formal acceptance of the proposal : proposed by Rosemary, seconded by Heather.

A vote showed all present in favour. 10-0

FINANCE: Treasurer’s Report

     *Total Assets as at end of February £60,040. The Current Acct stands at £18,181 now . Average income for the past three months is £850 a month. 

       *Thank you to all those who have kept their direct payments into the bank.

       *Loss of income from church services and plate collection amounts to approx. £825 for this quarter.

       *No MMF payment has been made this year, and our usual added income from gift aid from fund raising this year and loss of gift aid remains a concern.

       *We should have sent £4500 for the first quarter of the year. Trish suggested that we give £3000 MMF now and then review in April once the church is active again and see how the giving recovers. All agreed.

      *Wendy Whittaker, Administrator for the 8 Saints, is taking redundancy from the end of June as the new contract with the 5 Saints Cluster is not acceptable to her. We are required to pay a redundancy payment of £226.29 to the 8 Saints Cluster account as our share of the payment. We have already paid a one off extra payment of £100 to the Cluster account in March last year to cover a shortfall in cash flow then. Trish has therefore sent a covering letter and cheque for £126.29 to Terry Lister, the 8 Saints Cluster Treasurer to cover our remaining balance of the redundancy payment . She has also asked for a closing statement of that account. Wendy’s last salary payment of £75 per month from us will be in June and the direct debit will be cancelled from that date.

      *Rosemary has in the past contributed £500/pa. towards the cost of cleaning the church hall. As the hall has not been used, and therefore not cleaned regularly the money has not been spent. Rosemary requested that the money be applied to the General Fund. She also said she was prepared to contribute to the cost of cleaning the hall again, when cleaning started. She was thanked for this very generous offer.

       *Trish has just received the 2020 accounts back from the Independent Examiner, Tim Best, with a satisfactory report but not in time for them to be circulated to you prior to this meeting, so we will need a meeting arranged for you to receive them sometime in the next month in preparation for the APCM.

        *Trish was thanked for her Report and everyone accepted her suggestions.


       *Annual reports please. Jacqui will remind everyone to compile their annual report and send them directly to Chris,

who has kindly agreed to collate the reports and provide 5 hard copies.


      *The Profile and other paperwork is due to be signed off by AD this week.

     *The advertisement will appear in The Church Times, Pathways, the Diocesan and our The Waterside Churches websites next week.

       *Short listing will take place on 28 April.

       *Selection will take place 15-16 May

       *Informal visit to parishes 17 May. Ian Halford has volunteered to facilitate the visit to Perranwell.

        *Formal interviews 18 May.

        *An offer for a new build property in Carnon Downs has been accepted and searches are now under way. It is hoped exchange and completion will be by May 18.

        *The new incumbent will be available to take up their post after serving their notice at their present position.


At 2.30pm. Rev. Marc Baker, Rural dean of Powder Deanery, joined the group to present the Bishops Mission Order.

This is for all the churches in Truro and the Truro locality to come together to share their resources for mission. There is a copy on our website withing the Vacancy pages. In Summary, it is being set up to:

1. Serve and Grow the church in the Truro area, working in the very large area of new housing.

2. Grow and encourage healthy local churches.

3. Work together jointly, sharing expertise and local knowledge and associations. This is an Anglican initiative , but there will be cooperation with other denominations.

There was much discussion about the work that is taking place already, the relationship we have with the Methodist Church, the need to go into local schools, the problems going into local schools and the work that has been done with local schools in the past. 

There was also much discussion on the need for or not of DBS checks.

It was felt having a new priest along with the instigation of the BMO was a very positive conjunction, both for the priest and for the congregation.

Some felt that the new priest should get to know his new congregation and ‘find his/her feet’ before taking on the BMO. Rev. Baker felt the new incumbent would feel supported by the BMO.


It was suggested that the children make Easter Gardens and put them in the church porch.

Chris would like each child to receive a booklet about the Easter story. This was agreed.

The meeting closed at 3.32 pm.


Zoom PCC March 2/3/21.

Present: Paul,David, Trish,Heather,Chris,Lorraine.Tim,Rosemary,Jacqui

Apologies: Juliet, Janet,Gordon.

Meeting started at 2.00pm.

Agenda: the purpose of the meeting to informally discuss the content of the final proposal arrived at with the ArchDeacon, the wardens and representatives of the Waterside Churches as to the format of the Waterside Churches.

See below:

Proposal for a Waterside Benefice

1. Formation of a new ‘Waterside Benefice’

2. The Waterside Benefice form a Joint Council (Appendix A)

3. The Waterside Joint Council to have delegated responsibility for various aspects of the Waterside Church’s common life as formally delegated by the three PCCs of the benefice.

4. An appointment of a priest in charge of the new benefice be made initially for three years.

5. A review of becoming one parish and the appointment of a priest in charge be conducted at the end of the three year period (Appendix B)

Appendix A Joint Council

Area’s delegated to the Joint Council to include:

1. Mission – oversee and support the mission of the Waterside Churches

2. Ministry – oversee and support ministry of clergy and lay leaders

3. Stewardship and MMF – be responsible for developing a common approach to stewardship

4. Be responsible for the payment of MMF *

*PCCs would retain responsibility for the custodianship of assets (including investments, cash

and buildings) plus care of the local church and other buildings.

Appendix B Review

Review at the end of three years

1. Conducted by Archdeacon, with input from the Rural Dean, Priest and Churchwardens.

2. Criteria to focus on ‘fruitfulness and sustainability’ with specific attention regards the

effectiveness of a Joint Council, financial sustainability for the churches and payment of MMF.

A strawpoll showed unanimous support.

The wardens were thanked for their hard work over a long and difficult time.

There will be a formal PCC to be held via Zoom on Tuesday 16 March at 2.00pm to ratify this decision.


Meeting closed at 2.45pm.


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