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The Waterside Churches

St. Piran's PCC - Minutes 


Minutes of PCC meeting 12th September 2023, 2pm, in the church hall.


Opening prayer



Revd. Karen Wilson (KW); Paul Stuart (PS); Trish Wilcocks (PW); David Simmons (DS); Janet Thomas (JT); Veronica Eccleston (VE); Tim Rogers (TR); Lorraine Rogers (LR); Ann Rawlinson (AR);Tony Woodbridge (TW); Kay Lobb (KL)



Juliet Dundon, Rosemary Aitken


Minutes of last meeting:

Agreed and signed.


Matters arising:

Re ‘Friends of St Piran’s’,

PW had spoken to Tony and Felicity about the difficulties in setting this up, and they were fine about the PCC’s decision not to proceed with the idea.


Finance - including Waterside account update:

PW said that the accounts are healthy, and provided a balance sheet showing the balance sheet as at 30th August 2023.

The Waterside account was up and running, and is intended to be used for Karen’s expenses. Its income has come from the Men’s Breakfasts and the Sausage Sizzle.



Although there had been less fundraising events this year, the income had been bolstered by the higher interest rates on savings. PW had moved several thousand pounds to a savings account to take advantage of this.

Last week’s quiz raised £260 (after expensive pasties) and it was a good social event in the centre of the village, and becoming an annual fixture. Thanks were given to Paul, David and Trish, especially, for their hard work in organising it.

PS said that over the winter there would be more musical fundraising events with the return of The Oggymen, Will and John and Medical Maelstrom. Dates to be arranged.



LR had attended another Safeguarding training session about the Hub and Dashboard, to enable safer recruitment.

Our Safeguarding policy is on our website, but LR handed out a reference guide sheet to us to refresh our memories. Three new posters promoting a safer church were also given out for display in the Church, the hall, and the Noticeboard outside church.

There then followed a discussion about Risk Assessment for lone workers on Church property.

It was agreed that anyone working alone should let someone else know that they would be on Church property, before AND after the task. This could be a spouse, neighbour, or KW or LR……short texts were fine.

Most DBS checks were done, though VE was unhappy about sending personal information online for the enhanced DBS. However as enough of the PCC have the enhanced DBS, she was covered. JT also couldn’t do it online, but will have help to do the enhanced DBS.

The Vicar asked to see the Safeguarding Officer privately after today’s meeting.


Feedback from Churchwarden meetings:

PS reported that there had been several meetings, including those about the churchwardens’ roles and what they have to do. On June 12th Wardens swore the official oath at the Archdeacon's Visitation. This involves formal commitment, both as a sworn oath and by signed agreement, to support the vicar, take communion regularly, and help the church to be as efficient as possible. There had also been Extraordinary Churchwarden Meetings too. A resolution to the ongoing situation will happen soon.

PS reported that as far as St Piran’s is concerned, our congregation is growing, and it's pleasing that newcomers are staying.

JT commented how lucky we were with our Churchwardens.

(TW then gave his apologies as he had to leave the meeting).

Feedback from Deanery meetings:

DS and RA had missed the last meeting, due to traffic conditions, but would be attending the next meeting in October.

On The Way has no impact on us at the moment; we can continue with our own three year plan.

The Truro Benefice, on the 12th June, failed and collapsed with On The Way, and they now need to find a way forward.

The Roseland have appointed a new oversight minister, but it is yet to see how this will pan out.

On The Way, under Interim Bishop Hugh, will continue.

Ministry feedback:

Meetings are held every six weeks.

The Local Worship Leaders are flourishing.

Feedback from JCC meetings:

Our members, who are drawn from the whole congregation, are Paul Stuart, Trish Wilcocks and Ian Halford. They serve on the JCC for either one, two or three years, starting in October each year.

There have been problems with Feock members of the JCC not observing protocol on resignations.

JT expressed sadness about the lack of outreach and mission achieved by the JCC over the past two years. KW was disappointed to hear this view.


Parochial Fees:

KW said that all PCCs in the Benefice needed to agree if any fees were to go up, so despite Feock suggesting a rise, both Devoran and St.Piran’s did not want any rises this year.

Fees on the website are very clear, Parochial Fees HAVE to be charged, Parish Fees are optional…… eg for vergers, bell ringers etc.


Use of our Audio Sound System in Church:

PS proposed that our Audio Sound System in church should ONLY be operated by an officer of our church.

PW seconded this motion.

Passed unanimously.


Future worship:

Barbara Woods had asked about Wedding Blessings, and this had been discussed by the three churches. It was decided to have one service here at St Piran’s at 3pm, on a Saturday afternoon (date to be arranged) for anyone wishing to celebrate a loving marriage.

It was also agreed to have a one-off Pet Service (date to be arranged) for all sorts of animals with their owners. Hopefully this would bring families, and children into the church.

After discussion about bringing a dog to church when attending a regular service, it was decided only assistance dogs should be allowed, unless there were exceptional circumstances.

Future of PCC, including officers for next year:

KW said that there was no discussion yet on us ceasing to be a PCC, and to become just one big JCC in the Benefice.

It was suggested that we all try to encourage other members of the congregation to come on the PCC, to bring fresh ideas and relieve the pressure on older members.

DS indicated that he would be ready to step down as Churchwarden at the next APCM, after another continuous six years in post.

Advent Course:

This year there are to be four weeks of talks, commencing 2pm, on Wednesday 29th November, at Devoran Parish Centre. These will be recorded and put on the website, for those unable to attend in person.

The talks are from:-

Street Pastors

Mission to Seamen

The Butterfly Project

Helping Hands


Links to schools:

Both schools in the parish are sent letters from Karen at the start of each term, welcoming everyone back and offering visits. To date, only Devoran has responded.

Tomorrow Janet is going to visit Perranarworthal School to see if contact can be resumed (as it was before the pandemic ground everything to a halt).

Perhaps the school could be involved with our Christingle service, or decorate our bare notice boards in the church hall.


Welcome Card for new parishioners:

This was welcomed as an idea, and PS said he would produce one for us to use.



Jenny McEndoe had offered to help us with the provision of different services. Research is needed and this will be done. The usual Sunday services would not be moved. Perhaps Breakfast Church? PS to chase this up.


KL had received an email about providing information about anyone in the parish sponsoring children from Compassion UK. After discussion it was unanimously agreed that this should remain private.

Date of next meeting:

Set for Tuesday 12th December in the Church Hall at 2:00pm. Standing Committee to meet one week earlier.


Closing prayer:


Minutes of  PCC vestry meeting

4th June, 2023. 11.10 am

Present: All members of the PCC.


Lorraine, our safeguarding officer explained that she called the meeting for two reasons:


Known Offenders

Firstly, so that our vicar, Karen, could assure us that any known offenders, and others who may pose a risk to children or vulnerable adults, would be effectively managed and monitored in consultation with the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser. This was assured.


Safeguarding and Governance

Secondly, in respect of safeguarding and governance, members of the PCC were all asked to read and sign a PCC Member Declaration Form given to them individually by Lorraine. These were to be returned to Lorraine or Paul, as soon as possible. These forms are all confidential.

Minutes of  PCC meeting

16th May 2023, 2pm

in the church hall.


Opening prayer


Revd. Karen Wilson (KW); Paul Stuart (PS); Trish Wilcocks (PW); David Simmons (DS); Janet Thomas (JT); Veronica Eccleston (VE); Rosemary Aitken (RA)


Tim Rogers, Lorraine Rogers,  Anne Rawlinson, Kay Lobb, Tony Woodbridge, Juliet Dundon

Minutes of last meeting:

Agreed and signed, with one change, so that the Lent Charity was accurately noted as Save the Children.

Matters arising:

Lent lunches very successful, with over £1600 raised for the charity. Thanks to all concerned.

Election of Lay Chair:

PS said that he had been in the role for  a considerable time and it would be  good idea for somebody to take over. He proposed David. Seconded by PW. All agreed and thanked PS for his work.



1/.     Finances are in good order and each member was given the usual summary sheet. We have £63,235 as at 30/04/2023.

2/.     Our MMF call of £20,036 is a reduction of £2,694 from last year. £7,500 has already been paid, so we are up to date. 

3/.     We have no outstanding large bills. We have paid for a new bookcase for the Church Hall. The bill for the work in the                 bell tower (£1,423) has been paid. New batteries for the defibrillator at a cost £252 have been purchased.

4/.     Asked permission to move £5000 from current to deposit account as interest has now improved. All in favour.

5/.     RA kindly donated a cheque to cover the cost of cleaning the Church Hall. We are indebted to Rosemary for her                             generosity.

6/.     We hope to receive the usual annual grant from the Parish Council.

7/.     The Energy Basket contract with Parish Buying has been renewed until September 2025. 

8/.     The benefice joint bank account has still not been set up. There is £732.50 held in our General Account and Devoran                   hold a further £98, both of which need to be moved to this new account. Those sums have been generated by the                        Gentleman's Breakfasts. KW to follow up and an urgent meeting of the 3 Treasurers to be arranged.     

The meeting thanked PW for her excellent work.



1/.     We plan for the annual plant sale (which will raise about £1,200), cream teas at Clive and Janet's home, The Really                      Easy Quiz number 2, Lorraine's continued sale of goods on Market place, concerts by the Oggymen and Will Keating                  with John Dowling. Paul may write a murder mystery event.

2/.     Members of the congregation were asked  at the APCM to review giving with a view to an increase if possible.



Gave details of the new diocesan Hub, which is in the process of being produced. It will allow for training records to be kept up to date, with timely reminders; voluntary roles and DBS checks and training to be maintained. She has met the incoming Diocesan Safeguarding Officers, who have offered to meet us if we wish. The specific intention for the Waterside Churches is that we shall work under one PSO, with a link in each church. It is planned that Lorraine Rogers will take on the role of PSO. Devoran and St. Piran's will enter this Hub with immediate effect. St. Feock will join us a s a p. 

Friends of St Piran’s:

PW & PS:

The last PCC approved the scheme. However, we have done some more research and there would be too many difficulties. It would mean that the Friends of St. Piran's would be a separate body, with separate funds and accounting, separate meeting arrangements, separate AGM, and, potentially, some membership which have different priorities to our own PCC. The purpose of this group would be to raise funds, but there could be differences of opinion, from the PCC, as to how such funds would be spent. PW and PS have watched a webinar on the subject, which highlighted some of the issues. Our feeling is that we should have specific fundraising as needs are identified, and our community could be asked for contributions as necessary. All agreed. PW to talk to Tony and Felicity Hyde who had raised the idea.

Fellowship group and House group:


Our "fellowship" group has not met since before the pandemic and we want to recommence. It is actually a House Group, which will meet in somebody's home. The first session will be on Wednesday 7th June.

This will clash with the ministry Team meeting. The Churchwardens' meeting is a week later, so the next available date with no clashes is 21st June. JT was adamant that it should happen on the 7th, with following meetings happening fortnightly.

KW asked that we show this as part of our development in the Benefice, as it add to a positive note for the review.

Children’s activities:

PS reported that, sadly, there hs been hardly any support for this initiative, apart from successes at Christmas and Easter. It may be worth one more try in June. PS to consider.

Feedback from meetings:

PS said that he had put this on the agenda because people have been elected to represent us at meetings and therefore should give feedback.

1/.     JCC - The safeguarding discussion at JCC has now been overtaken by the PSO and Hub arrangements. There was a review of ministry and outreach during Easter and Holy Week, with stress upon the need to have appropriate services during Holy Week. Timings of meetings were reviewed. From now on JCC and PCC meetings are scheduled for every quarter, Churchwardens and Ministry Teams will meet every 6 weeks.

2/.     Ministry - This group now has the authority and priority for planning of the rota and worship activities. Proposals and changes must be discussed at this meeting. Good News review from Easter and Holy Week from each church was identified and discussed. The roles of people able to deliver sermons and talks was looked at, together with the boundaries involved. There was also a prayerful discussion about a scripture passage. This was the first such discussion and was welcomed.

3/.     Churchwardens - The situation concerning the joint bank account was discussed and referred back to the JCC for action. There was discussion about the purpose of these meetings and this has been set out on an earlier occasion. RT presented St. Feock's decision to publish a Legacy pamphlet. This has on it, even though it was not previously discussed at JCC level. RT explained that St. Feock are aware that there has been a lack of interest from legacies recently and wanted to address the issue. RT also presented the St. Feock idea of compiling a Directory of congregation. This will contain as much information as possible about each person to make it easier for them to be contacted more quickly.  Various people at the meeting warned about the strictures of data privacy, nd the danger of breaching the rules and breaking the law. There would have to be written consent from each individual concerned and the meeting questioned how this information would be kept and by whom. PS said it would certainly not be appearing on the website. Electoral Roll numbers were brought up. Currently, St. Piran's have 61, St. Feock have 53. Devoran to follow.

Election of JCC Rep(s):

JT said that she has now completed the 12 months she promised and will now stand down. PCC thanked her for her hard work.

PW said that she felt we need to widen the scope of our representation on the JCC. The meeting agreed. The JCC regulations call for at least one Churchwarden from each church. PCC agreed that PS should continue. There is not a requirement for JCC membership to come from the PCC, although it would make sense in terms of knowledge of the context and plans. PCC decided to announce the need for at least one more representative on the next available occasion in Notices. PS to arrange and deal with. 


PS forwarded the idea of Cafe Church as a way of providing variation. Those who deliver our services were called to meet to discuss. These being KW, JT, Jane Darlington, Chris Wilson and PS.

Date of next meeting:

Set for Tuesday 12th September in the Church Hall at 2.00 p m. Standing committee to meet one week earlier.

Closing prayer: Grace.

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