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It has been a deeply meaningful and profound week. We have experienced new services, different versions of our normal offerings and the comfort of the tried and tested. We must thank everybody who worked so hard to ensure that Holy Week was what it is meant to be. There has been much more, though. The joyous news is that Easter has provided us with new beginnings. Fresh younger faces have appeared and we hope that from such green shoots we can make our three churches more fruitful and sustainable for the future. In fact, we must make sure that our Waterside Churches' symbol of the little drop of water and the ripples spreading becomes reality.

Symbolic Cross at St. Feock

A Service of Tenebrae, or "Shadows," is based on a twelfth–century late night/early morning service and is an extended meditation on the passion of Christ. It may be used as (1) a concluding service following Holy Communion on Holy Thursday, or (2) the evening service on Good Friday, particularly as the beginning of a prayer vigil lasting. 

The stripped altar at Devoran


Good Friday Walk of Witness

Grin and bear it. We're in the lead now!

Tea and Cake here we come.

Good Friday Walk of Witness

Ok Folks, No turning back now. Important figure in 

hi-viz jacket points the way.

Easter Saturday at St. Piran's. 

Final stages of the Easter Trail at St. Piran's. Revd. Karen in full education mode. Spot the wide awake child!

Good Friday Walk of Witness

Ok. Let's draw lots to see who gets the bench.

If I sit down on that bench I'll never get up again!

Even the slightly mizzly/drizzly morning could not dampen the enthusiasm of our CTUTC (Christians together up the Creek) Good Friday ‘Walk of Witness’. Some 25 walkers gathered at Carnon Downs Chapel.

A wooden cross was carried throughout the walk by willing volunteers. Readings, reflections and prayers were led by Rev Karen Wilson at various stops along the way - Devoran Church and Quay, Old Carnon Mine and Point Quay. Further walkers joined along the route which concluded with a short service at Penpoll Chapel attended by approx 50 people.

We were revived with a magnificent spread of cakes, freshly brewed coffee and tea!

Thank you to all those who participated in the walk, Rev. Karen and especially Penpol Chapel for their warm welcome and delicious cakes. It was a truly memorable morning.

Easter Saturday at St. Piran's

Easter garden production in full swing, as the adults receive instruction from the children. Note the bemused parent wondering how it's done and his colleague wondering what's in the pot whilst the youngsters just get on with it.

Easter Saturday at St. Piran's

It's all happening in this picture. Young man with compulsory backward headgear (cool), little pink lady showing her gardening skills and a budding Charlie Dimmock in the foreground being very precise. Jane standing and learning.

Easter Saturday at St. Piran's.

OK everybody, are you paying attention? This is how it's done

Nature's Easter gifts at St. Piran's. Stunning

Close up of our desert scene at St. Piran's. W0nderful work, Veronica

The desert scene at St. Piran's, in front of the altar. 

The Waterside Churches Sunrise Service

Dawn on Easter Sunday.

Whose idea was it anyway? 

That's better. I can see now.

Actually, it was wonderful. Those who rose at an unearthly hour to take part in The Sunrise Service told me so.

St. Feock Church on Easter Sunday

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